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Travellers Share Their Favourite Places to Get Gelato in Rome

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Gelato and Italy go hand in hand. I’m also pretty sure gelato and I go hand in hand, as I can’t seem to get enough of it when in Italy, but that’s another story. Needless to say, there is an endless amount of places to get gelato in Rome, all hoping to get your business. Some are chains, some are specialty shops, and, as with everything else, some are good and some…not so much.  Although I can’t speak personally about all of these spots (shocker, I know), I spoke to some trusted tasters who have nothing but good things to say about these gelato shops in Rome.

Travellers Share

Gelateria della Palma

Samantha says: This place was a happy little stumble-upon that made my day, and I knew it would be awesome from the crowd inside. It boasts 150 flavors of gelato that wrap around the inside of the shop! To find it, stand facing away from the Pantheon and take the little alley on the right ahead of you. It’ll be on your left, about a block down. Super easy to find and once you know where it is, you’ll be back for more and more!

Address: Via della Maddalena 19/23

Il Gelato di San Crispino

Brittany says: THE BEST! It’s a short walk from the Trevi Fountain. It’s right across the street from a beautiful church and it was featured in Eat Pray Love. Best gelato I had all through all of Italy! They don’t display it like the rest of the gelaterias; they store them in canisters with specific temperatures for each.

Address: Via Della Panetteria 42

Come Il Latte

Claire loved the old-fashioned vibe of this gelateria. Although she admits they were a little expensive (4 euros) she definitely got her money’s worth. Her waffle cone was first filled with some chocolate, then three scoops of gelato (lemon, strawberry, and pear caramel), topped with English cream, more chocolate, and a cookie. Yum!

Address: Via Silvio Spaventa, 24/26, 00187 Roma, Italy

Old Bridge Gelateria

This was my favourite in Rome. Located just outside Vatican City, it’s a favorite among tourists and locals, so be prepared for a bit of a line up. There are about 15 or so delicious flavors to choose from and the portions were massive. I ended up getting a fruity combo that definitely did not disappoint.  It was the best thing in the world after climbing the crazy stairs to the dome in St. Peter’s Basilica, on a 30C+ sunny day, while I was hungover (oops!) thanks to a crazy party the night before.

Honorable Mentions

Although none of my travel friends spoke up for these gelaterias, they have a pretty good rep among the gelato enthusiasts of the world: Gelateria Del Teatro, Giolitti, Fatamorgana, Gelateria Dei Gracchi, and Carapina.

Still searching for more? Try asking the staff at your Rome hotel, I bet they have some great suggestions! If you have a favourite, I would love to hear about it in the comments below!

Ps: If you are exploring more of Italy be sure to check out this post for recommendations on gelato in Cinque Terre.

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Best Gelato in Rome

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23 thoughts on “Travellers Share Their Favourite Places to Get Gelato in Rome

  1. Carey

    Il Gelato di San Crispino is AWESOME! Odd hours as they were closed the 3 out of the 4 times we tried to get our fix. But when we finally got our act together….it was worth it! We had the fig/pear Gelato. Delicious!

  2. Megan | Traveling Nine to Fiver

    Such a great post. I love myself some gelato! When I first got to Rome for a semester I think I was eating it twice a day. My trick has been that the good places don’t add dye to their gelato. If the banana is a bright yellow or the pistachio is green walk away. You’ll often find this around the tourist spots but normally if you walk a block or two away you can find a pretty good spot. Thanks for sharing and bringing back some great memories.

  3. Lauren

    Oooh it looks delicious! I will tell you my favorite one when I return! I plan on eating gelato every single day. Thankfully I read that many places carry soy gelato! 🙂

  4. Angela

    This post reminds me of all my gelato eating around Italy in 2007! It was fun to find the small shops and give them a try. I don’t remember specifically the ones I went to, but it was always delicious, especially on those hot, summer days.

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  6. M. R.

    Giolitti is my personal favorite and I’ve stopped there more than once on every trip I’ve made to Rome. They’ve even opened a second location near the pyramids!

  7. Laurie Reilly

    I’m going to vote for Valentino Gelato by the Trevi Fountain. I ate it twice a day while in Rome. The cherry is amazing!

  8. Lori

    I just had to leave a comment. We tried a lot of gelaterias and our favorite by far was Come Il Latte. We found it to be very reasonably priced. They have white and milk chocolate fountains to drizzle inside and on top of the cone, as well as three flavors of whipped cream and a wafer to top it off. It’s off the beaten path and full of locals.

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