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The Best Travel Clothes for Curvy Women

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Ok ladies, let’s talk travel wear. The strappy dresses, string bikinis, and pretty convertible tops that seem to be featured on every packing list, round-up, and Instagram feed. Yes, they are adorable. And I’m sure they look amazing on many women. However, as a curvy girl who is often caught between regular and plus sizes, I regularly find that these ‘perfect travel clothes’ really aren’t the best travel clothes for curvy women.

More often or not, when I look at these ‘must have’ lists  I end up mentally knocking off half the items because they won’t look good on my figure. Only to find out that those that I think might actually work on my body come in limited sizes. It’s a pain in the butt. Just because I’m curvy doesn’t mean I don’t want cute clothes. I deserve to feel good in a swimsuit. I want to look pretty in my photos. And I know I’m not the only one feeling left out when it comes to travel fashion, but the fact is that plus size travel clothing is hard to find.

Thankfully there are some brilliant brands that recognize that women of all shapes and sizes like to travel and look good while doing it. So from one curvy traveller to another, here are my recommendations for the best travel clothes for curvy women.

Convertible Travel Wear: Diane Kroe

Convertible clothing and capsule wardrobes are perfect for travel, especially since airlines are getting so strict with luggage. And while many brands offer these types of designs, most of them target those with slimmer figures who are willing to show more skin. Personally, that’s not my style, which is why I love the chic and elegant designs from Diane Kroe.

Diane Kroe Origami Top

Diane Kroe offers a range of items from shirts to dresses to pants, all of which can be worn multiple ways. I tested out two of Diane’s pieces on my recent trip to SE Asia. The Origami Top and the Carry On Cozy, both of which I loved. Both pieces transformed into multiple looks as tops and dresses. They washed and wore well, and were very obviously a quality make. Plus, I loved how they looked and felt on.

Carry on cozy

Diane Kroe is a Canadian brand based in Toronto. All clothing is created in-house by staff, and custom orders are accepted. Pieces can be ordered online at: and regular sizes run from 2-20 (US sizing) but custom orders are welcome, making it one of the best plus size travel clothing choices. Worldwide shipping is available.  Use code HANNAH10 to save $10 off your purchase! 

Casual Comfort: Encircled

If you have been following me for a couple of years now and paid attention to my photos you might have noticed that, for the past three years, I have worn the same black t-shirt on every single trip I take. It’s the encircled Evolve Top and it’s easily my favourite shirt. The sleeves are adjustable to give it different looks, it’s a bit dressier than a normal t-shirt, and it washes and wears SO well (seriously, it’s the only piece of clothing I have that has lasted this long through travel and still looks good).

Evolve Top

I have also recently fallen in love with their Dressy Sweatpant pants which are cuter than leggings but as comfortable as PJs and can be dressed up for down. I have also declared them the ultimate airplane pants because they are super comfortable, cute, and, while not thick, provide a bit of warmth. I’ve only had them for a month but they have already won the ‘my favourite pants’ title. I wore them every day (3 days) on my recent Washington DC trip (no shame).

Dressy Sweatpants

Encircled clothing is ethically made in Toronto, Canada. Women’s clothing ranges in size from xs-xxl and can be ordered online at:

Dresses: Cherry Velvet

I don’t know if its just me but I often find dresses one of the hardest things to buy. I have a big chest and a booty and one or the other always seems to be on prominent display in most dresses I try on. Which is why I am SO glad to have found Cherry Velvet.


Cherry Velvet is a retro/vintage inspired dress line that caters to girls with curves. Their dresses come in dozens of fun prints that fit my body perfectly. They are cute and flirty but keep all the important bits covered while still looking stylish. The lightweight cotton dresses are easy to pack, making them perfect for travel.

Cherry Velvet

Cherry Velvet is a Candian brand based in Vancouver, British Columbia. Dresses are ethically made in Canada and can be ordered online at: . Its a perfect brand for women who need regular or plus size travel clothing because the size range starts at small and goes up to 4X.

Leggings: Sweetlegs

I have been told one too many times that leggings aren’t for plus size women. I call bull, and so does my favourite legging brand: Sweetlegs.

Iceland (6 of 8)

I found out about Sweetlegs from a friend who gave me a pair for Christmas. Six months later, I have several pairs and they are basically all I wear. They are easily the most comfortable pants I have ever worn. They don’t sag or bag, they aren’t see through, and the waistline never slips down. Plus, the fun, bright coloured prints add a lot of personality. I get compliments on these leggings everywhere I go.


Sweetlegs is a Canadian brand and comes in two sizes: Regular and plus. The regular fits up to an XL, and the plus fits sizes 12-22. When it comes to plus size travel clothing, you can’t say no to these leggings. You can order the leggings online at: They add new prints about once a month and worldwide shipping is available.

Anti-Theft: Clever Travel Companion

As a solo female traveller, I think that Clever Travel Companion is one of the coolest clothing lines out there. Their products; which range from underwear to pants to tank tops to hoodies, are all pickpocket proof. Secret pockets that are perfect for cash, passport, and banking cards keep your important items safe and concealed.

Clever Travel Companion

While the colours and designs may be plain and simple, the designs are flattering. I tried out their travel tank with 2 secret pockets a couple years ago and it’s now a staple in my luggage. Check out my review for it here.

Clever Travel Companion clothing can be ordered online at: They will ship around the world, and sizes run from XS-XXL.

Swim Wear: Swim Suits For All

Shopping for swimwear is most women’s nightmare, no matter their body size. But for someone who spends her summers on a lake and is a scuba addict, there is no avoiding it. Swimwear is a must in my life. Thankfully, I stumbled on Swim Suits for All a couple years ago, and it’s now all I buy.

Swim suits for All

What I love most about the brand is their belief that every body is a swim body. From sexy one-pieces to cute bikinis, they have everything in a huge range of sizes. Bombshell Ashley Graham works with this brand, which I think is amazing for promoting body positivity. At least it worked for me; I always swore I would never wear a bikini, and then somehow last year I bought one to take with me to Bali.

Swim Suits for All

Swimsuits for all is based in the USA and ships internationally to select countries. You can order online at: Size range starts at 4 and go up to 34 for many styles.

Outerwear: Columbia

Outerwear can be another pain in the butt to buy, but being Canadian I have to have several different coats for the different seasons. I’ve bought coats from plenty of brands throughout the years, but when it comes to keeping warm or dry, my favourite brand is Columbia.

Columbia Coat

I currently have two Columbia jackets; a warm winter one perfect for those -40C days (yes, I said -40C. Welcome to Canada) and a lightweight waterproof rain coat. The raincoat is perfect for travel because it folds up into its own pocket, is lightweight, breathable, and most importantly: waterproof.

Columbia products can be purchased worldwide from their website: Sizes start at XS and run to 3X in the plus size section.

Have any brands you love that cater towards curvy women? Let me know in the comments!

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Looking for the best plus size travel clothing for women? I'm sharing my favourites. From dresses to leggings, coats to swimsuits, convertible wear and more, here are my picks for the best travel clothing for curvy women.


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