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Be a Girl Who Travels

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This is for all the incredible girls out there struggling to fit into this crazy, beautiful world. xoxo

Be a Girl Who

Be a girl who travels.

Be a girl who doesn’t strive to look like the models on the cover of high fashion magazines, but rather learns to find the beauty in her own body and strength. Embrace your thighs, even though they touch, because those are the legs that have allowed you to see some of the most amazing things the world has to offer.  As for the few extra pounds around your waist? Well, that beer belly is curtesy of numerous social nights at Irish pubs, wild parties at underground European bars, and the best meals you have ever had. All of which resulted in new and incredible friends.  Trust me when I tell you, those memories will last you lifetimes longer than the size 2 pants that are this season’s latest style.

Be a girl who isn’t afraid to show her true face; who would rather get up early to watch the sun rise over the temples than spend an hour in front of a mirror. Those around you will notice the sparkle in your eyes and warmth of your smile rather than your shade of lipstick. And later, when you look through your photos and come across a candid shot someone took of you living life to the fullest, you too will realize that you don’t need to have perfect hair and make up; being happy is what makes you beautiful.

Be a girl who values her brains over her boobs. Smart is sexy, and being well travelled and cultured is more attractive than a low cut top or high slit skirt. Flaunt your travel stories and language skills instead of your ass(ets).  Knowledge is power, and this ability to stand out from the crowd is what will, respectfully, land you the job or man of your dreams.

Be a girl who dreams of adventure rather than of a fat paycheck. There is a lot of truth behind the saying ‘money cannot buy happiness’, and although money can buy a lot of things, you can’t take it with you. Think about this: will you lie on your death bed wishing you had more money? Or wishing you did more with the time you had?

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Be a girl who chases the sun rather than a man.  Life is short, and timelines are apparent, but that doesn’t mean you should settle. Too often we rush into things, afraid of being alone or left behind, and as a result end up angry and unsatisfied. So take a breath, and slow it down. Take your time and enjoy; fall in love with life and learn to love yourself because you ARE amazing. The sooner you realize this, the quicker others will too.

Be a girl who aspires to be more. Be a girl that others should look up to. Be a girl that makes her own decisions.

But most importantly; be a girl that you can look back at later in life, and be proud about what you have accomplished and who you are today.

Be a girl who travels.

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