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The Best Travel Shirt: Tank Top with 2 Pockets by The Clever Travel Companion

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The Best Travel Top

Confession time: I would lose my head if it wasn’t attached

At least that’s why my mom has always said about me. I used to disagree, telling her that I keep track of the important stuff. Until one day a stranger came up to me in the airport with my passport in his hand “Miss, is this yours?”

Turns out mom really might have been onto something.

But, let’s be honest; try as you might with your important travel documents, money, or possessions they aren’t always the easiest things to keep safe AND handy. There’s always the fear that they will fall out of pockets (clearly an easy possibility) or that someone will steal them. I can’t tell you how many travellers I’ve met that have been robbed on trains or busses while sleeping, or just walking down the aisles. Losing everything; cash, jewellery, and even passports to sticky fingers. While I personally have never been robbed while travelling, I spent a night attempting to sleep in Rome FCU, worried about someone trying to take my things. That kind of worrisome stress doesn’t exactly make things relaxing.

In an attempt to avoid theft we usually push our things away deep in our bags behind zippers, locks, and God knows what else. Yes, it makes things harder to reach for any potential pickpockets, but it also makes it harder for us as well. Which is always an awkward and uncomfortable situation in big lineups. “Oh my passport, yes its here somewhere, just a second…” Queue the grumbles and eye rolls from every single person behind you.

So what do you do? Have things handy but risk losing them or having them stolen? Or tuck them away and drive yourself, and everyone around you, crazy while looking for them?

Well, the Clever Travel Companion has come up with a third option: Wear clothing with accessible (to the wearer), pick-pocket and loss proof pockets.


Sounds good- but does it measure up?
Sounds good- but does it measure up?

I was stoked to try one of their many products; the women’s tank top with 2 secret pockets. While the Clever Travel Companion offers all types of clothing; from tops, to bottoms, and even underwear, I figured that this top would best suit my needs and travel style.

My biggest problem is finding somewhere to stash my passport and boarding pass, cash, phone, and headphones before flights, bus, or train rides. I hate being the person that has to dig through their bags to find things, or ask their seat mates to move and get up in order to get something from the overhead bins. Quick and easy is my thing and regular pockets just don’t cut it. But I hoped the ones on the Clever Travel Companion’s tank top would.

I loved the top as soon as it came in the mail. The material is light weight and it’s a comfortable fit. I was told I should size up so, being between sizes anyway, I did and the fit was perfect. Even without the pockets it was the type of top I would take with me; easy to wear under a sweater, but not too revealing either so I could wear it on it’s own too. But this wasn’t just meant to be another travel shirt. This top had a purpose, and I wanted to make sure it suited mine.

So, moment of truth- I got my passport, headphones, cellphones and some (random) cash and divided them between the two pockets. Not only did it all fit, but it also didn’t look completely ridiculous.

Can you tell I'm packing? (My passport!)
Can you tell I’m packing? (My passport!)

Although I didn’t attempt to find someone to try their hand at stealing my valuables from my shirt- I can’t imagine anyone ever wanting to try. While, depending on what you are carrying, your valuables may leave a visible bulge, any want-to-be thief would have a pretty tough time getting close enough to unzip the pockets (located on the sides, below the breast) and reach inside without you catching on immediately.

So will the Clever Travel Companion’s tank top with two pockets make it into my backpack for my next trip?


but only because I’ll be wearing it when I board the plane!

Be sure to check out The Clever Travel Companion’s website to see all of their pickpocket free products!

*The Clever Travel Companion provided me with this top for testing. However all opinions are, as always, my own. Also note that this post does contain affiliate links. 

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