Castle Hotels in Scotland
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8 of the Best Castle Hotels in Scotland

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Scotland has a ton of charm. From the dark, medieval city of Edinburgh, to the mysterious Loch Ness, and the fairy stories of the stunning Isle of Skye; this small island country is filled with magic. But while the folklore and landscapes are fun to explore, there’s another way to add some magic to your visit; by staying in one of the many castle hotels in Scotland

The concept of staying in a castle hotel isn’t new, but it’s often associated with a costly price tag. While staying in a Scottish castle hotel is a luxury experience, it doesn’t need to break the bank. With that in mind, here are my top recommendations for castle hotels in Scotland; with options for a variety of budgets.

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Glenapp Castle Hotel

Glenapp Castle Hotel
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Glenapp Castle offers a true fairytale escape for those looking for a regal Scottish castle hotel. This romantic hotel is designed in the Scottish Baronial style with towering turrets, an oak-panelled interior, and stunning sea views. There are 36 acres of beautiful gardens to explore, an award-winning restaurant, and plenty of sporting activities to enjoy. Without a doubt, it’s one of the most beautiful and luxurious castle hotels in Scotland.  Book your stay at Glenapp Castle Hotel here.

Dalhousie Castle Hotel and Spa

Dalhousie Castle Hotel
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There are over 700 years of history in the walls of this Scottish Castle hotel and has hosted numerous prestigious guests including Queen Victoria and Sir Walter Scott. An award-winning restaurant, the luxurious Aqueous spa, archery and falconry promise to make your stay a unique and memorable experience. Not to mention that Dalhousie Castle Hotel was named Scotland’s Castle Hotel of the Year for 2016; another reason why it’s a perfect pick for your Scottish vacation.Book your stay at Dalhousie Castle and Spa here.

Stonefield Castle Hotel

Stonefield Castle Hotel
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Dating back to 1837, Stonefield Castle is one of the most beautiful castle hotels in Scotland. Set on 60 acres of woodland by Loch Fyne, it’s perfect for a tranquil escape. The castle itself is stunning as well, with some original furnishings, wood panelling, decorative ceilings, and marble fireplaces. Plus, with only 35 rooms it’s a small and intimate Scottish Castle hotel that promising to offer a memorable experience. Book your stay at Stonefield Castle Hotel here.

Cornhill Castle Hotel

Cornhill Castle Hotel
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Cornhill castle is a beautiful building overlooking the Lanarkshire Hills. However, it wasn’t always so elegant. This historic building was originally about the size of a farmhouse but has since been expanded and adapted over time by its various owners. Today, the once humble building now resembles a French chateau and is a perfect pick for travellers looking for a regal castle hotel in Scotland. Book your stay at Cornhill Castle Hotel here.

Dornoch Castle Hotel

Dornoch Castle Hotel
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Dornoch is a luxury castle hotel in Scotland that is located in the picturesque Highlands. The historical castle has 22 rooms, each individually furnished to follow a specific theme to draw on the property’s history. The hotel also houses Dornoch Distillery company which produces organic gin. The unique mix of a Scottish castle hotel with an onsite distillery makes it a great choice for travellers. Book your stay at Dornoch Castle Hotel here.

Fonab Castle Hotel and Spa

Fonab Castle Hotel
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Fonab Castle Hotel and Spa is a small but beautiful five-star property about 30 minutes outside of Perth. Its perched on the shore of Loch Faskally, overlooking the lake and to Ben Vrackie in the distance. A decadent spa, elegant dining options, and a unique Gin bar make it a great pick for visitors in search of a romantic castle hotel in Scotland. Book your stay at Fonab Castle Hotel and Spa here.

Sherbrooke Castle Hotel

Sherbrooke Castle Hotel
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Sherbrooke Castle hotel looks fit for a princess. A baronial red sandstone building set in a beautiful garden landscape. The building dates back to the late 1800s and served as a radar training centre for the British during WWII. It’s located only about ten minutes from Glasgow city centre, making it an easily accessible choice for those wanting to spend a night in a castle hotel in Scotland. Book your stay at Sherbrooke Castle Hotel here. 

Melville Castle Hotel

Melville Castle Hotel
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Melville Castle Hotel is a historic property, with records dating back to 1155. The estate has known many historic figures including Mary Stuart and Sir David Rannie of the East India Trading Company, and Queen Victoria. The castle was turned into a hotel in 2003, but some of this building’s ancient history has remained. According to workers and some guests, the castle is haunted by a female spirit who has been seen by the windows and at the foot of the bedroom on the first floor. Without a doubt, Melville Castle is a historic property with a bit of mystery and intrigue. Plus, it’s only twenty minutes from Edinburgh, making it a popular choice for those wanting to stay in a castle hotel in Scotland. Book your stay at Melville Castle Hotel here.

Scotland is a beautiful country to visit, and a stay at a Scottish castle hotel promises to add a bit of magic to your travels.

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