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9 Affordable Castle Hotels in Ireland

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Castles are one of the best things about Ireland, and when it comes to planning a dream Irish vacation, the idea of sleeping in an Irish for a night or two is on many people’s must-do list. While the idea may be dreamy, staying at a castle hotel in Ireland is definitely a bit of a splurge. But, it doesn’t have to leave a hole in your wallet. Here are nine affordable castle hotels in Ireland where you can live out your Irish fairytale dreams without breaking the bank.

Ballynahinch Castle, Connemara


With a rich history dating back to the end of the 18th century, Ballynahinch Castle has been rated as one of the finest luxury castle hotels in Ireland. The castle has a rich history; inhabited over the years by the pirate queen Grace O’Malley, the famous criketer Ranji, and author Margaret Atwood. Set in a private estate with over 450 acres of woodland with a backdrop of the Twelve Bens, Ballynahinch Castle is the perfect spot for visitors looking to experience the beauty of Connemara. Book at stay at Ballynahinch Castle

Clontarf Castle Hotel, Dublin


The original Clontarf Castle dates back to 1172. While the building currently occupying the title is significantly more modern (built in 1837), the area has seen a lot of Irish history. From Templar Knights to the Irish Rebellion to the Cromweillian conquest and more, the area has played an important role in Ireland’s past. The property opened to the public in 1997 as a luxury Irish castle hotel only 15 minutes from Dublin. Book a stay at Clontarf Castle. 

Cabra Castle Hotel, Cavan

About 1.5 hours outside of Dublin city is Cabra Castle Hotel. Set in the Dun a Ri National Forest Park of Cavan, Cabra Castle Hotel is a beautiful boutique Irish castle hotel with only 22 rooms. The original Cabra Castle ruins, dating back to 1699, can still be seen by the Wishing Well. This Irish castle hotel, as you see it today, dates back to 1808. Book a stay at Cabra Castle. 

Waterford Castle Hotel, Waterford

Perhaps one of the most fairytale like castle hotels in Ireland, Waterford Castle Hotel is located on its own 310-acre private island. The 16th century castle has been transformed into a luxurious hotel that combines the elegant past with modern comfort. The private island location is perfect for a little escape from the world, and indulging in luxury and beautiful nature. Book a stay at Waterford Castle.

Lough Eske Castle Hotel, Donegal

This lakeside estate, located just outside Donegal town, has a history dating back to the 1400s. This Irish castle has been linked to the O’Donnell clan; the founding fathers of Donegal. The castle hotel has been lovingly restored to become an award winning hotel that embraces both contemporary elegance and country charm. Book a Stay at Lough Eske Castle.

Kinnitty Castle Hotel, Kinnitty

Kinnitty Castle hotel is a gothic revival castle that, like so many of Ireland’s castles, has a turbulent history. The castle has been destroyed and burned down since 1213, though the castle as we see it today was built in 1928. It is a beautiful luxury castle hotel with 37 bedrooms set in the stunning Slieve Bloom Mountains. Book a stay at Kinnitty Castle.

Ballyseede Castle Hotel, Tralee

Set on 30 acres of Irish woodland, close to the famous Ring of Kerry, Ballyseede Castle offers luxury accommodation across 23 bedrooms. While history, luxury, and comfort all add to the draw of Ballyseede Castle, it’s also known for its resident ghost. The spirit of a woman called Hilda is said to haunt the castle, but don’t worry; she’s known to be friendly with reports of only one couple ever fleeing in fear. Book a stay at Ballyseede Castle. 

Lough Inagh Lodge, Connemara

Ok, so Lough Inagh Lodge isn’t exactly an Irish castle, but this beautiful lake-side manor set in the wild landscape of Connemara offered just as much a fairytale experience as staying in a proper castle. Located on the shores of Lough Inagh overlooking the mountains, it’s a stunning and tranquil getaway. The building dates back to 1880 when it was used as a fishing lodge. It has since been updated in a luxurious manor that hints at old world charm and elegance. Book a stay at Lough Inagh Lodge.

The Lodge at Ashford Castle


If you’ve researched castle hotels in Ireland no doubt you have stumbled across the stunning Ashford Castle; Ireland’s premier luxury castle hotel. While staying in the castle itself may be way over budget, there is an alternative: the Lodge at Ashford Castle. It’s a beautiful hotel, though definitely modern. However, you get to explore the castle grounds and still have that fairytale experience. Check out my review about my experience at the Ashford Castle Estate.

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*This post was updated June 2018

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23 thoughts on “9 Affordable Castle Hotels in Ireland

      1. Yolanda Staats

        Are there any that you stay “in” a original castle room/bedroom or are most added rooms that are modern? Thanks

        1. Hannah Logan Post author

          Hi Yolanda,
          Since castle hotels are luxury accommodation all the ones the I know of have been modernized to include plumbing, more comfortable furnishings etc. Many of the buildings, though updated, are still original and you can stay in there. I know Ballynahinch has rooms in the original building- I stayed there and it was lovely.

  1. Francis S. O'Brien

    It all looks great. Planning a trip this summer. Narrowing it down to Clontarf in Dublin or Ballynahinch in Connemara.

  2. Joelle Schmidt

    We stayed in Kinnitty Castle a few years ago. From the looks of the picture, they have done some updating. The grounds are beautiful, and there is a great walking path. It was nice, but you have to remember the buildings are old, and so is the furniture and fixtures. It was a wonderful stay and we had a really nice time there.

  3. Online flight Booking

    Thank you for sharing this information with us and I would like to spend some of my days in any of these castle. They looks like the same that we have seems in the stories of my english book in my childhood.

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  6. Ali

    I am dying to stay at a castle, any castle, and will be heading to Ireland this summer, with another family as well, so we are 8. Challenge is finding a castle hotel under $300 seems impossible. SO far only the Cabra seems close, but is only available the night before departing Dublin. Anyone have any other suggested castles, near Kerry, Killarney or in the direction of the cliffs?

      1. Micki Doherty

        We stayed at Ballyseede last time. Beautiful and quaint (small). We are going again in October. Looking for another Castle stay experience.

  7. Sandra

    HI there. Thanks for your great list! We’re planning a visit to Ireland this July. Ballyseede Castle looked interesting… but we are concerned that it might have the feel of a ‘wedding venue’ and not be a peaceful experience. We want it quiet – any suggestions?

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  12. Roxanne Andrew

    Stayed at Contarf Castle in Dublin, one brief night last May. Due to a departure snafu at the airport! Beautiful!!! Wish it could have been longer!

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