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Two Minutes for Two Euro: A Peep Show in Amsterdam’s Red Light District

Amsterdam is known for two things: prostitutes (legal) and marijuana (despite what you may have heard- illegal). Sure it also has clogs, windmills, and tulips but let’s be honest; unless you live in a bubble of purity those aren’t the first things that come to mind. And of course, the best place to find these two vices is another Dutch icon: the infamous Red Light District.

Sex shops line the canals in the Red Light District

Sex shops line the canals in the Red Light District

Don’t get me wrong, I actually love the Red Light District. Not because I’m into marijuana (or prostitutes), it’s just one of the quirkiest places I’ve been to. There’s something really funny about watching men get pulled into windows (especially at 10am on a Sunday morning) by scantily clad women. Maybe I’m a little juvenile, but the whole sex craze that is so apparent in this area tends to make me laugh. It’s so over the top and extreme that I can’t help but giggle at some of the things. Seriously though, who would buy a blow-up doll with a penis AND breasts? But as much fun as wandering through the red light district was on my own, I wanted to know a little more about what went on behind the scenes of the graphic posters and vulgar neon lights. So when I saw that I could take a night tour of the Red Light District, there was no doubt I was signing up.

Some of the more interesting 'toys' to be found in the sex shops

Some of the more interesting ‘toys’ to be found in the sex shops

I expected a couple of hours of history and culture, with some great stories and further insight, and I wasn’t disappointed. I learned about the process of becoming a prostitute, the history, and how it is controlled and legislated. I learned about the old local church, and how it used to thrive thanks to needy sailors, and of course I got some great and hilarious stories of the prostitutes of old. But the last thing I expected was to be encouraged to check out a live show, right then and there.

It wasn’t one of the ‘live sex’ shows that are advertised throughout town, according to our guide those are ‘only ok’ and though he was glad to have went once, he wouldn’t do it again. Instead we stopped by another large venue with a large neon sign flashing “2€=2minutes” with a possible viewing of: guy on girl, girl on girl, or solo girl.

“Go on” our guide prompted us, “you’re in Amsterdam, where else are you going to get the chance to do this?”

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The infamous red light district

A couple people in the group were quick to enter; 2€ coins out and ready in their hands. One or two flat our refused and left to wait by the canal. The majority of us shuffled our feet, curious but not quite sure. I was willing, but our guide told us we could fit 2 per booth and I wasn’t really keen on going solo. That’s when I overheard a mother and daughter duo talking about it. The mom wanted to go but her daughter, about my age, was vehemently against it.

“I’ll go with you!” I piped up.

All of three minutes later we squeezed ourselves into a dark little booth, shoved a 2€ coin in the box and watched as the little shutter over the window slid open, revealing a single woman on a round rotating bed. The top half of her was clothed; trying to disguise what I’m convinced was a pregnant belly, but she was nude from the waist down. She wasn’t drop dead gorgeous, but she was pretty enough and took advantage of her long, blonde hair as she rolled around in front of us touching herself for anyone in the booth to see.

What made it weirder was that not only would we see her and her us, but we could see across the room into the other booth windows and their viewers. It wasn’t too bad because everyone was in our group and clearly uncomfortable, but I imagine if you (or someone you saw) were really into it, it could be pretty weird.

Even knowing we were all part of the tour, it was weird. It was awkward, but most of all it was funny. So of course, I burst out laughing, and I wasn’t the only one. Not only were the other viewers stifling their laughs behind their hands but our ‘showgirl’ quickly realized what was going on and joined in. But instead of fading off I think it just encouraged her to give us more of a show as she tried to shock us. I won’t get into intense details but I definitely saw more than I wanted. But then again, what did I expect at a peep show in Amsterdam?

Our group for the Red Light District Tour

Our group for the Red Light District Tour

After what seemed more like 5 minutes, our 2 minutes ran out and as quickly as it opened, our black shutter slammed closed indicating our time was over. My viewing partner and I exited our booth and joined the rest of the group back in front of the theatre where our guide waited to hear about our experience.

Was I glad I did it? Yes I was. As awkward as it was, it was definitely one of those once-in-a-lifetime experiences. But would I do it again? Not a chance!

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The Old Chuch

The Old Church

39 thoughts on “Two Minutes for Two Euro: A Peep Show in Amsterdam’s Red Light District

  1. Alli

    This post brings back so many memories! Your experience made for a great post. “Seriously though, who would buy a blow-up doll with a penis AND breasts?” LOL. No kiddin’!!

  2. Lucy

    Definitely a once in a lifetime experience! I went to a Ping Pong Show in Thailand years ago and that was another one that stays in the memory long after!

  3. Sammi Wanderlustin'

    Ohmygod! This sounds HILARIOUS! I loved the Red Light District, too, my friend (who is from Amsterdam) took me to a coffee shop and then the Red Light District so I giggled my way around!

  4. Tammyonthemove

    Ha ha, good old Ámsterdam. When I went to the red light district I wasn`t too shocked to be honest as I used to live near a red light district as a student in Germany. 🙂

  5. Dave Cole

    That is quite the store display – a bit different from the mannequins you find elsewhere! Good for you for trying it. I didn’t end up doing this tour when I was in Amsterdam many years ago, but it sounds like a very unique and memorable experience.

  6. Paul

    Lol!! Brilliant article, I’m not sure about the toy with the breasts and penis… if it had a vagina I’d buy 5! ^_^ A very refreshing view of Amsterdam’s Red Light district – Thanks for the share

  7. antonette - we12travel

    Oh yes Amsterdam is special. The first time I went to the Red Light District was only a couple of years ago and I felt totally inconvenient. Especially because there were quite some young (eastern European looking) girls that I’m sure of did not want to be there … Luckily the rules for this have become tighter. Las summer I guided a group of 20 ladies (and 2 men) around here and it was so much fun to see them in the sex shop 🙂

  8. Anna | slightly astray

    Hahahah I love this story!! What an experience. I’ll be in Amsterdam soon (in July) and I’m SO curious about the red-light district. I didn’t know you could do a night tour, but I think I may just have to do it!! Where did you go to sign up for such a thing?

    1. Post author

      It was pretty funny! I believe there are a couple tours. I did the one with Sandemans (who also runs a great free city tour daily at 11, and 2). We just met in Dam Square at the allotted time the night of- just make sure you are there a few minutes early to buy your ticket. Super easy and I would highly recommend it!

  9. Kate

    Very funny post, I would laugh if I was in there too! I haven’t been to Amsterdam yet but have a friend living out there and I’m sure she would take me. Just like a ping pong show, its a once in a lifetime thing to do!

  10. Brianna

    When in Rome, right? When I see sex toys like the ones you mentioned I can’t help but think about the people working in the factory where these are manufactured.

  11. Joao Sa

    Ahah, love Amsterdam ! When I was there we went on a private show ( sponsored by the hostel ), which was 30 euros, quite expensive, but it was worth it, just for the laugh. We had a malaysian boy in the group, and he was used as a “helper” by the stripper, and the things she did to her.. You had to be there to witness it, ahah.

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  13. Marcel

    Haha, great article!
    I have recently joined a tour like this. Even though I’m Dutch, i din’t know much of the Red Light District. And because it’s the oldest area in Amsterdam, I wanted to learn and see more of it… It was great!
    Would defo recommend it.

  14. Marcel

    Hey, I’ve posted a comment yesterday. I’ve added a link to a site where I booked, so that other could check it out.
    Why did you remove the link?

    1. Hannah Logan Post author

      Hi Marcel,
      While I appreciate your visit and comment I do not allow promotional links on my blog (as mentioned in my contact me section). This is business and as a travel authority I do not endorse anything that I have not experienced myself. If I had taken part in your specific tour, that would be a whole other story.
      If you would prefer I delete all your comments, just let me know.

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  16. Jenna

    Can you only go in on your own now because when I watched a documentary on this, I saw a sign with 2 men and a line through it?

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