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On top of running this blog, I also work as a freelance writer. If you enjoy my blog posts you might like some of these other travel stories.




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“Take Your Shoes Off” in My House is Not a Suggestion

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Chasing The Donkey:

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Why Every Girl Should Visit Zadar 

I am a regular write for Skyscanner (USA and Canada) and my work has also been featured on Parachute by Mapquest, Eco Companion, and Hipmunk.

In Print

Around the World in 80 Pages (first prize winner for short story: The Guardian)

The Ultimate Book Of Travel Experiences


World Nomads: The Myanmar Insider’s Guide and The Insider’s Guide to Canada

Canadian Affair: Top Tips for Driving in Canada

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Huffington Post Travel: Throwback 2015: Girl Travel Bloggers and Their Favourite Destination

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